Full Frontal EP

by Meth Wax

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released April 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Meth Wax Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Invocation
Better go and grab your knife.
Going out to kill tonight.
Gonna dig up bodies in the cemetery.
Run around in lucid dreams.
Bone marrow tastes so sweet to me
Just like Mexican Candy.

I just want to get inside your head
Until we both are dead
And your eyes are turning red.
I just want to get inside your mind
Until the day we die
From all the bloody tears you'll cry.

Better go and grab your gun.
You're gonna need it son;
You're gonna have to defend yourself.
Gonna go and raise the dead.
Zombies and Skeletons will
Conquer you and eat away your flesh.
Track Name: Full Frontal
I have no feelings.
I hate everybody
And everybody hates me too.
If I stop breathing
And my heart stops beating
I hope I wake up somewhere new

I'm downing liquor like the flood
And drowning in a tank of blood.
Maybe with just a bit of luck
Together we can find true love.
Its something we're all looking for.
Its something we cannot afford.
Another mission we'll abort.
Track Name: Black Hoodie
I'm not an alien!
I'm just an average man!
I'm holding out my hand.
I want to be your friend!

Dont Shoot Me!
Dont Shoot Me!
Dont Shoot Me!
Hands Up! Dont Shoot Me!

I am a human boy!
I'm not a monster, man!
I want to go outside
and play out in the sand!
Track Name: Gravity Bong
We are not too different, you and I.
I guess that's why I keep coming back to you.
Maybe its the color of your hair
Or the way you genuinely seem to care.

Maybe I'm just crazy for thinking time heals wounds
and I'm digging down for secrets from the past
that I've excluded from my head.
Maybe I'm out of my head.
Maybe I just miss your lips.

We are not too different, you and me
And now I see why I'm always craving you.
Maybe its the way that you smell
Or how you have me captured under your spell.
Track Name: Eyes
This summertime fades into the leaves of wasted lives and consciousness streams. You say hello; you mean nothing to me. I'll say goodbye just to set us both free. Because I don't mind if we all go blind. We could stay alive if you come with me. Your crystal eyes shine so bright like the sun and when they cry I'll hold you in my arms. If darkness came would you leave me and run? Would you let one night ruin all of our fun?
Track Name: Saturnalia
I can feel it burning in my head. It's burning in my brain.
The pain is acid in my chest. It's melting off my face.
Do you feel pleasure from my pain as the blood drips from my eyes?
Do you feel pleasure from my tongue wiggling between your thighs?

I just want to get you in my bed and kiss you on the lips.
I want to spread open your legs and we can have romantic sex.
And we can do it in the night; we can do it in the dark.
I just want to make you come and drink the blood out of your heart.
Track Name: Pale Fire
Pale skin under the night sky
Have another glass of wine
In the end, we all are gonna die
We pluck the rusty strings of life.
Our skin decays right off our bones
Our hearts will turn as cold as stone
Relationships have come and gone
But I have always been alone.

So smoke a final cigarette
And stare into the Eyes of Death
And draw yourself a final breath
Now lay down on your bed to rest.
Track Name: Goosebumps
They want to burn my body and roll my ashes in a blunt.
They want to take my bones and grind them up and snort the dust.
They want to take my blood and put it in their cup of lean
And the want to pick apart my eyes and eat away my spleen

But I don't want to die
I just want to spend my time
In your bedroom getting high
And we could have sex every night
And we could go out on a date.
We could stay up really late.
There's just so much we could die.
I just want to spend all of my time with you.
I just want to spend all my time with you.
Track Name: Rabbits
I love the way you say to me
You want to eat a baby rabbit
And drink its rabid blood.

Baby gurl
I love the way you love the Underworld
And how you always sing your praises
To Satan in Hell down below.

And I know I'm not as hardcore as you may be.
But I'll still love you, Baby.
Track Name: Phenotype
Maybe the sun will come out
On the day you smile back at me
And tell me I'm not as crazy
As I may seem to be sometimes.

Because I don't care if life is hard.
I'll drive off in a stolen car
And speed right off the steepest cliff.
I guess I deserve what I get.

Maybe the world will end today.
The sky will be engulfed in flames.
It still wont be as bad as the time
You refused to look me in the eyes.